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Avens Care Homes

Information for Local Authorities

What we do

  • Find and arrange accommodation where it is needed;
  • Support and work with individuals who are in transition;
  • Agree a complete care plan for each person using our services;
  • Support customers with tenancy, benefits and utility issues.

We currently care for and support more than 65 people in a supported living environment. Our main goal is for people to become as independent as they can and to be able to care for them in an effective as soon as possible.

Often people come to us who have lived in residential homes, or with their parents, or are in 'Transition' from younger person services, college etc. and feel ready to do more for themselves.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the care we provide is teaching people how to wash and dress themselves, cook and plan meals and do basic chores. It is so exciting seeing people develop and do things they never thought possible.

Many people with learning disabilities have difficulties reading and writing but it is still very important, as part of their steps towards greater independence, for them to learn how to manage their money. We take a little-by-little approach as, especially if they are a first-time tenant, managing finance can be daunting. But we think it is important to take as much time as necessary to help people understand their benefit payments and bills and how to manage their bank account.

We also help with exercising and make sure every person has their plan and different activities scheduled into their week like swimming.

Learning to plan meals and then shop for the ingredients is also part of the weekly routine. We like to promote a family atmosphere and tenants living together have great fun sharing the cooking, serving the food and clearing up afterwards.

Finding rewarding work is also important and we have excellent partnerships with a number of organisations such as Green Patch in Kettering.

We also help people to take their medicine, which often means a gentle reminder, and make sure they have access to any healthcare they need.

How we do it

  • Person Centred; Support Plans, Risk Assessments, Health Action Plans.
  • 1-1s that are used to achieve life goals, develop life skills and complete everyday tasks.
  • Homely settings, maintained throughout the year to ensure a safe, happy home.
  • Consistent staff teams with low staff turn around, helping to create consistent, excellent care.

Our staff provide up to 24-hour support that is tailored to individual needs. Through 'person centred' plans, tenants can express choices and preferences about their needs and be fully involved in every decision about their life.

New Projects

East Sussex

Avens Supported Living Sussex (ASLS) are very proud to have opened and established three new projects since the end of 2012. Two of which are located in Bexhill and another in a rural village in the Hastings area. Working with a private landlord has enabled ASLS to have doubled the size of its supported living provision. For more details please see the ASLS Registered Locations page.


Avens Supported Living Northamptonshire (ASLN) have opened 3 new supported living properties since September 2014 and are looking to continue to expand so that they might reach and support even more people. For more details please see the ASLN Registered Locations page.

The Ferns care home in Raunds has been open now for over a year and is well on it's way to being filled. The staff team is still steadily growing as the halls are filled with friendly and fresh smiling faces. For more details please see The Ferns Registered Locations page