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Chris Andrews, Chief Executive Officer Avens Ltd.

Chris Andrews, Chief Executive Officer Avens Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer, Chris Andrews has a Professional Diploma in Management Science, a certificate in Advance Management Care (City and Guilds Distinction), which he lectured on at Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne in 2004, and the 7301 Further Education Trainer Certificate (City & Guilds). He is also a Qualified Assessor for Health and Social Care Diploma at level 5 for Management, a Senior NAPPI (Non Abusive Psychological Physical Intervention) UK trainer and has managed learning disability services for more than 20 years.
Chris has been with Avens since the beginning, firstly as a caretaker for an empty building, which eventually became St. Anthonys Residential Care home. Chris went on to become a Care Assistant after St. Anthony’s first residents moved in, and within a year became a Team Leader.
While working at St. Anthony’s, Chris’ previous experience at managing the Safeways bakery caught the attention of Dr. Jonathan Prus, who was the Chief Exectuive Officer of Avens at the time. Chris worked under and alongside Dr. Prus as his role developed until finally taking over as CEO in 2012 after Dr. Prus retired.
"I have been there every step of the way, since Avens grew from one building with 28 Service Users and 30 staff, to what we are now, which includes four successful residential care homes and eighteen supported living properties which provides homes for 120 different people and provide jobs for over 150 staff. Over the past twenty years, I have gone from a Care Assistant to where I am now. All that time spent with Avens makes it more than just a job, it is my family, and I care very deeply for my family. I instil this level of passion and commitment down into the rest of the Avens workforce, and I see that fuel drive us every day.”
Chris Andrews is currently based in Northamptonshire, continuing to work closely with the Avens Supported Living, something that he and Dr. Prus built together, as well as developing new projects like The Ferns residential care home.