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Compliments Section

We would like to dedicate this page to the amazing work that Avens staff do and the compliments that we have received over the years. We record each compliment that we get and below is just a section of the wonderful words we've received from friends, family, service users, other professionals and even our own staff.

If you would like to compliment our performance, we would love to hear from you. It's always nice to know when you are doing a good job. You can contact the appropriate area manager by going to our Registered Locations or you can Contact Us.

ASLN Disco

Compliment recorded by a member of staff from someone they supported

"(Customer) gave a flowerpot with lovely daffodils to all staff working at his house to say a big thank you for a care what he receives. (Customer) made this flowerpot at day centre. I thanked (customer) for this and informed all staff." 12/03/2015

Compliment from the father of someone Avens supports

"From a care perspective, I am certainly pleased with the level of care my daughter is receiving, which is a vast improvement on the previous provider and has certainly removed some worry from my side." 26/04/2015


Text message a trainer received from a member of staff

"Hi Daniel. Jo and Leanne said it was the best training they ever had and really took in what you were delivering. Just thought I'd tell you." 20/05/2015

ASLN Disoc Collage

A mothers comments via email in regards to Head Office and staff's help with setting up housing benefits for her disabled son

"I would also like to take the opportunity to say thank you very much for all that you have done in order for my son's housing benefit to be reviewed and amended. It is appreciated by myself and (customer)." 12/11/2015

A positive staff event put in by a new member of staff

"I have been working for 33 years, and without doubt the team at (supported living address) are the most committed, supportive, and caring team I have worked with. Everyone is always there for everyone else, the teamwork is great from everyone, and the support and guidance I have received has been faultless." 21/12/2015

A message sent by staff to management

"Thank you Merry Christmas and a happy new year! What a great year it has been for me! I have met some amazing people on my journey working for Avens and I'm so privileged to have worked with amazing staff and customers I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I can't wait for 2016 and what it will bring!!" 24/12/2015

ASLN Disco

Comments made by a customer's mother after a meeting sent in a message to management

"I spoke to (mother) on the phone. (She) said how happy she is with the support (her daughter) receives. She said Avens is a marvellous company and the staff are very caring, well trained and she said we are all very approachable and feel we are her friends too. (Mother) asked me to ensure this was passed to Management and staff. (She) said there is a big positive change in (customer) and she is so lucky to have us supporting her. I thanked her and responded that I was delighted she and her daughter are content. Many many thanks to you all for your hard work and dedication always ... well done!" 04/01/2016

Compliments Record detailing positive comments from a care homes interaction with paramedics

"Abby reported that she had a very good compliment from Paramedics who came out to attend to (service user). The compliment stated that its a long time since, as Paramedics, they had been out to a well organised and professional service. Staff were also complemented on their knowledge and experience regarding service user needs and information given as required by the Paramedics in terms of completing a full assessment of the service user involved. I have asked Abby if possible next time to ask if they would mind putting this in writing for us for our records. " 04/01/2015

Comments in a compliment record from an outside professional on our Residential Care Homes medication procedures

"Kirsten Frost from the Care Home Advice Pharmacy Technician came back today for a follow up from last years audit. She checked everything that was on the action plan that she had sent us. As a result she stated that this was the easiest follow up that she had completed and was very happy with our medication system." 11/01/2016