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Avens Care Homes


Service users are placed with through a number of routes. Many of our referrals have come through Northamptonshire County Council, East Sussex County Council and Kent County Council but we also work with a number of other local authorities. Referrals also come direct from parents or relatives who have heard about the standard of service we provide.

Here are just a few of the things people have said about us.

Residential Care

Community Nurse for NHS in Northhants

"I’ve been working with Avens’ home in Ringstead since it opened and visit regularly. It continues to be one of the best in the area.

The staff always have the clients’ best interest at heart and are committed to making their lives as enjoyable and rewarding as possible – and if there is ever an issue, they don’t give up until it is resolved.

I also like the fact that the staff turnover is low so they really get to know the tenants. The team at Ringstead is really friendly and extremely professional. They have an ‘open door’ policy – which is great for me as I can turn up at virtually any time and know that I will be made welcome."

Una Hutchinson – mother of Carol – a service user for nearly seven years

"Carol has been at Ringstead since it opened so I’ve got to know the staff very well and they have a really good understanding of my daughter’s needs.

Unfortunately Carol isn’t able to do anything for herself so she needs constant attention. But the staff do everything they can to make her happy and take her out a lot which she loves.

Carol’s health is not very good so the staff have to administer many different types of medicines. It’s great to know she is so well cared for and that they will take her to the doctor if there is ever any concern.

I don’t drive so Avens staff bring Carol to my house every Wednesday which means I get to see her regularly – otherwise I don’t know what I’d do."

Janet Lancaster – mother of Peter – a service user for nearly six years

"The care Peter receives is absolutely brilliant. It’s a lovely home – clean and well managed. I’m very pleased.

Peter is really happy there too. He has his own room and own television and can choose how he wants to spend his time.

My son is the sort of person who needs to be kept busy and needs quite a bit of supervision. The staff know exactly what he needs. He goes to cookery classes regularly and they even took him to Yarmouth for his birthday.

When I visit, I always feel very welcome and, with the help of a staff member, even take Peter to the local pub when I visit."

Sandra Orgill – mother of Joanne – a service user for 18 months

"The staff at Avens are incredibly patient and supportive and it is totally different from where she was before. The staff are more relaxed but at the same time really professional.

Unfortunately my daughter has behavioural problems but they are able to cope with any outbursts really well. They don’t ring us every time there is a problem, they just handle it in the best way possible. She needs good care and that’s exactly what she’s getting.

I like the fact that staff turnover is low and that they are very experienced. There is also good mix of men and woman among the staff which I think is really important."

Supported Living

Lisa Burrows - Supported Living tenant since March 2008


Where I live really feels like home. The staff are really good and really caring. They give me support when I need it but I can also do what I want, leave the house when I want and come back when I want – as long as I tell the staff, or course.

Since I've been with Avens, I've learned to do lots more things for myself. I can now do my own washing and ironing and they have taught me to cook loads of different things."

Ricky – Supported Living tenant since October 2007


"I was in a residential home before and it was quite restrictive and crowded and I wasn't happy.

The care here is really, really good and I'm very, very happy now. I'm really well looked after but I feel really independent too. I can go out on my own but get help with cooking and other things.

It’s great that the staff sleep over so if I do have a problem in the night, I know there is someone to help me. All the staff are really great and the people in charge are really brilliant. There are very few problems but, if there are, I can always rely on them to sort things out."

Michael - Supported Living tenant since 2004

(Michael has now moved into his own flat and continues to use Avens to support him)


"The staff are really lovely and I’m really glad I’m here. It’s more peaceful than where I was before which is great as I like reading and am learning to use a PC for the first time.

I keep really busy and help out at a vegetable company six days a week where I help pack vegetables into boxes. I really enjoy it.

I know I’m not ready to have my own place, but it’s great living here. I get help with the cooking but do my own shopping and take care of my own money. If I have any problems, the staff are always here to help. "