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Placement Process

Avens work in partnership with East Sussex County Council and Northamptonshire County Council for all our contracts to ensure that we are able to best meet the needs of anyone we support. Before someone moves into their new home with Avens, there will be meetings, assessments and a number of tea visits to ensure that everyone involved in the process is happy with what Avens can offer, including both the homes and support offered.

Avens have in the past taken on emergency placements and worked with the individual and any professionals involved to ensure the individual is settled in as soon as possible.

We understand that moving can be a very stressful time in anyone's life, and meeting new people like staff and fellow residents and tenants can cause some anxiety. The registered managers and senior staff are there every step of the way, from the initial meetings and showcasing the available homes and rooms to overnight stays, to ensure that any anxiety is addressed. This may be done with a matter-of-fact discussion or it might be done over time, depending on the individual's needs.

No one placement process is the same as another, as we respect everyone's right to their preferences and act on this accordingly. Someone might want to bite the bullet and move in right away, some would rather stretch the process out over months and then decide it's not for them. However, below you will find a general outline of what we endeavour to accomplish during the placement process to ensure all boxes are ticked and everyone is cared for and content. 

Contact Made

A Care Manager will make contact with the manager of the registered location they are interested in placing their client with. A discussion will be had about whether there is an appropriate placement for the individual depending on location, whether they are suitable living with others of the same or different gender, what their needs are currently and whether their needs are likely to change in the future.

If Avens is currently unable to meet the needs of someone, we will quickly look into what we can do to change that. An example of this is in 2015, when our residential care home was contacted and they were asked if they had access to a hoist and staff with hoist training. At the time we had neither in this particular location, however within 48 hours a hoist had been acquired and the entire staff team received the appropriate training and been signed off. That individual was then placed within the care home and is still happily living there to this day.

Pre Placement Assessment

If we are able to tick all the boxes that the assigned Care Manager has, the managers will ask to come out and meet the individual in question for a pre placement assessment. This gives the individual a chance to meet the managers and give us a chance to get to know them. This can be done in their current home, at their day centre or even out in the community. It may be that the care manager, family and/ or friends are present as well, which will only help us to get a better insight into the individual and see what we can do for them.

Home Visit

If, after a successful pre placement assessment, the individual is still interested in receiving support from Avens, we would invite them and any family or friends to visit their potential new home. A Care Manager may come out to the property beforehand to ensure that it is appropriate, as we don't want anyone falling in love with some place where they can't move into or going somewhere that isn't suitable and causing undue stress. At this time, we would ensure that a senior member of staff is present as well as a manager.

1-1 Hours Agreed, Funding Forwarded

Based on the pre placement assessment and what the individual is currently receiving, Avens would request a certain amount of 1-1 hours and factor this into the costings of the package. Avens might request additional 1-1 funding for the first 6 weeks to help with the transition plan.

Funding Agreed, Tea Visits

Once funding has been agreed at panel, Avens would suggest a "transition plan" which would involve the individual visiting the location up until the move in date, so as to make them more familiar with their new surroundings and new routines without completely overloading them with all the new change. Tea visits may become over night stays. Only senior staff who the individual has been introduced to and they are happy with will be on duty, and a manager may be present at this point.

Moving In: It's Just the Beginning, Never the End

Avens will support the individual to ensure that they are happy and comfortable in their new home and feel able to say otherwise if need be. The consistent staff team will work together and with the individual to identify short term and long term goals, if these have not been carried over from previous care plans or assessments, to make the most out of their time while being supported with Avens. From there, we have frequent internal reviews with all our customers including yearly reviews with family and care management to ensure that their needs are still being met. Avens has in the past supported new customers to have mental capacity assessments completed to give them control of their finances and life choices or referred them to independent advocates if that is what is required.