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COVID-19 Update from Avens

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Avens has been diligently following Government guidelines specific to the care sector and has continued to update its policies and procedures accordingly.  

As we approach a second Government imposed lock down due to the continued spread of Covid-19 throughout the UK population, we remain vigilant in ensuring that we take all possible precautions to avoid the risk of infection for loved ones, friends and colleagues.  We are grateful for the continued cooperation and understanding of all our stakeholders throughout this time.

The measures introduced have been effective but we fully appreciate that we cannot afford to be complacent and we are undertaking very regular testing for the virus.
Avens continues to provide the highest levels of care while following all the relevant guidance and advice issued by HM Government and Public Health England.  There is specific advice on policies for visiting care homes which is due for update in light of the latest lock down. In anticipation of this, we have again evaluated the risk posed to our customers and have taken the difficult decision to stop any non-emergency visits to our homes. This decision has not been taken lightly and we will continue to follow Government prescribed best practice as and when this changes and update this message accordingly.

Activities which involve gatherings of people, will continue to be risk assessed on a case by case basis, as the situation develops.  From Thursday, 5th indoor and outdoor leisure facilities have been ordered to close and this will also have a bearing on what activities are possible for our customers.

Best practice for all 

As a business, we have been embracing all the recommended procedures for preventing infection with Covid-19, for example:

We check both service users and staff temperatures on a daily basis;

We have kept our hygiene protocols and policies and procedures relating to Covid-19 up to date. We are confident that these will help prevent the spread of all ailments, even minor coughs and colds;

All of our stakeholders are reminded to use regular handwashing, appropriate PPE/social distancing, not to touch faces and to catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue or crook of the elbow. (Catch it, bin it, kill it);

Anyone who experiences any symptoms, is requested to immediately report any signs of illness, however minor, so that we can minimise any risk of spread;

Any member of staff who has travelled abroad recently, been in contact with an infected person or attended any large gatherings of people, is requested to inform their manager who will take appropriate steps to manage and minimise the risk posed to others;

Should we experience sickness absences of any kind, we reassign staff to provide uninterrupted services;

Our stores are well stocked, and we are being vigilant in keeping levels off PPE appropriately high so that we can continue to provide all our services as planned and maintain the strictest hygiene practices;

We continue to keep up to date with all the latest advice from Government and health services which can be found on the GOV.UK and Public Health England websites.

Pawel Orlikowski
Director of Operations