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Clair Andrews, Director of Human Resources, Avens Ltd

Clair Andrews, Director of Human Resources, Avens Ltd
Clair Andrews has worked for Avens since 1996 and has progressed from a Care Worker and Team Leader to being made a Director in 2012. Clair has spent time in various roles but most prominently as the Training Manager, where she was a leading figure in ensuring that staff were well trained and qualified, which included delivering training, assessing and verifying qualifications as well as supporting the Tailored Training team.

Now Clair has moved onto Human Resources, which Avens has recognized as a real asset due to it's rapid growth in recent years. Clair's understanding of various legislation that affects Health and Social Care, due to practising and preaching them for decades, means no one is in a better position to support Avens employees' well being while ensuring that the best, most professional care is delivered. Her decade of training has meant she has built up a rapport with long standing staff while being in a position to help newer staff adapt to their new roles within Avens.

"Human resources is something that I think I was always doing, as I was regularly looking out for the well being of my team and those I supported, from when I was a Care Worker, Team Leader all the way up to trainer and manager. If you have unhappy staff, it's obvious you will have unhappy service users, and most problems can be easily sorted with a phone call or meeting, so why not do it? Now though with my HR training, I have the understanding on how best to support those we employ and the business, so that everyone can walk away happy."